An R&D-driven company, Shamir is a technological innovator in the field of optics. Its Freeform expertise and breakthrough lens design technologies make it a globally recognized leader in sports and occupational lenses, and custom designed lenses that ensure wearer comfort together with optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame. Shamir's new manufacturing technologies also make it a leader in fast delivery of top quality lenses.



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The visual demands of today’s world have changed. Nearly everyone is now using digital devices, resulting in increased close viewing and increased eye convergence. A physiological trait that varies from person to person, convergence is particularly significant regarding progressive lenses, while the amount of convergence required and achieved influences near visual performance during close work tasks.

According to recent surveys, 90% of people use digital devices for two or more hours each day, while 60% use digital devices for five or more hours each day.

Source: The Vision Council, 2016 Digital Eye Strain Member Report.

Shamir’s Close-Up technology adjusts the reading zone inset of the lens to each individual patient’s convergence during near viewing. This creates a lens that meets individual differences, from physiological traits such as distance between pupils, length of arms, or convergence/divergence disorders, to life style, type of work, hobbies, and so on. The result is a highly personalized lens that meets today’s visual performance demands, whether average or irregular, for near and intermediate viewing.


There are a number of cases that demand special attention to provide patients with the near vision performance they deserve:


  • Non-standard far PD

  • Pupil asymmetry

  • Atypical tilt of head

  • Mono-vision patients

  • Functional convergence/divergence problems

  • Non-standard work distance

  • Non-adaptation to progressive lenses