An R&D-driven company, Shamir is a technological innovator in the field of optics. Its Freeform expertise and breakthrough lens design technologies make it a globally recognized leader in sports and occupational lenses, and custom designed lenses that ensure wearer comfort together with optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame. Shamir's new manufacturing technologies also make it a leader in fast delivery of top quality lenses.

Continuous Design Technology™


Unlike current lens designs based on a one-design concept, Continuous Design Technology™ links one product with a continuum of designs that meet a range of specific visual needs.


With this new technology, our optical designers integrate various "design genes" based on a number of prototypes developed to form the foundation of one product with a continuous design concept.


With Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ 12 prototypes, one for each Visual Age™, were developed based on the findings of our extensive research.


This means we can now offer every patient a unique lens design ideally suited to their Visual Age™, in all vision zones, and for all distances.