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Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV
Enlightened eye protection


Artificial light is a given of modern life, and in today’s high-tech world we are increasingly exposed to light emanating from TV screens and computers, a variety of mobile screens, road signs, headlights, lampposts, and more. Unlike natural light, the spectrum of artificial light is skewed toward High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also called blue light, which is potentially toxic to the retina.

Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV

Spotlight on advantages


  • Minimizes the proportion of HEV light reaching the retina
  • Provides effective protection, preserving visual health
  • Offers a clear lens for comfortable vision in any environment
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Improved anti-reflective properties of rear lens surface for comprehensive UV protection
  • Suitable for any wearer: children, adults, ametropes or emmetropes


Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield UV is a new lens coating that leaves the lens clear*, transmitting as much light as ordinary glasses, while deflecting a significant proportion of the damaging blue light (10% @ 450nm)**. It reflects five times more HEV light off the lens than any existing conventional lens coating. In addition, it improves contrast and reduces eye strain, is easy to clean due to its hydrophobic and anti-static characteristics, is highly durable, and its improved anti-reflection enhances visual comfort.In our changing environment, it is imperative to protect the eyes from peaks of HEV light. With Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield UV, now we can.

* The lens may appear to have a slight yellowish tint.
** A light blue reflection can be detected on the front surface of the lens.




Shamir Glacier Blue Shield™ UV vs. Shamir Glacier Plus™ UV Reflectance

UV protection end


 Blue shield video image.jpg

With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier