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Shamir Glacier™ Anti-fog
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A newly developed lens coating, Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog
prevents the rear lens surface from fogging up.
It does this by adsorbing the fog that accumulates on the lens.


Shamir Glacier™ Anti-fog

Foggy moments

Glacier™ Anti-Fog is ideal for athletes, sports lovers or anyone who wears glasses and needs to see clearly at all times - optimizing their vision and performance. Nowadays it’s perfect for those who wear masks and glasses.
In these challenging times, when masks covering our face are part of our daily lives, anyone who wears glasses has likely experienced the annoyance and discomfort of blocked vision when the rear surface of their lenses fog up, virtually blinding them. This can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

When does fog show up?

When humidity coming off the body gets trapped behind the lenses, and the lens temperature is lower than that of the trapped humid air, then the rear surface of the lenses fog up.

when does fog appear1

Who benefits from Shamir Glacier™ Anti-Fog?

Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog is suitable for anyone who regularly experiences rear lens surface fogging, including:

• Anyone who wears masks with glasses (sunglasses and eyewear)
• Medical teams that are required to wear a mask for long hours
• Those engaged in sports, both indoors and outdoors
• Work that involves strenuous activity
• Professions where safety glasses are required
For additional lens protection, we recommend combining Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog with one of Shamir's advanced Glacier Plus™ coatings or Power Mirrors on the front surface of the lens.

Useful tip

When providing patients with their lenses, it should be emphasized that during extended periods of time under conditions of high humidity, the lens coating may reach its adsorption capacity and lenses may become covered with a thin layer of water or begin to fog. In such cases, simply wipe the lens with any available soft cloth, and normal fog adsorption will be restored.


Do not ink-mark back surface of lens, as ink-marks cannot be removed!

* Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog meets the EN-166 European Standard - the requirement for the time in which lens clarity is maintained under controlled humid conditions