Established in 1972 as a manufacturer of bifocal lenses, and quickly moving into development of progressive lenses, Shamir is ranked among the world’s top ten progressive lens manufacturers. Today Shamir operates two manufacturing facilities for molds and semi-finished lenses in Israel and operates 16 laboratories throughout the world with a total workforce of some 2,100. In July 2011 a merger took place making Essilor a 50% shareholding in Shamir Optical Industry. Formerly traded on NASDAQ, Shamir is now a jointly owned private company. Realizing its own capabilities for innovation, Shamir began pursuing a path of cutting edge technology development leading to innovative products. 

Shamir’s technological portfolio includes:
Eye-Point Technology III®, Natural Posture™, As-Worn Quadro™, and IntelliCorridor™. Its product line-up is equally impressive, including lens and mold designs, molds, semi-finished progressive lenses, single vision lenses, and finished back surface progressive lenses. Its products offer a wide range of index measurements and are made from a range of materials including glass, the advanced Trivex® material, and poly-carbonate. 

Whatever optical need is identified, Shamir has the answer, from all-purpose progressive and occupational lenses to sophisticated, individual lifestyle progressives, as well as outdoor, sport and fashion, wrap-around progressive and single vision lenses.



As a growing company whose business is diversified across the globe, and whose ambition and desire is to better the quality of life and the health of our clients by improving their vision, we at Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. and those at our subsidiary companies in Israel and throughout the world (together - the “Company”), see ourselves as obligated to act in accordance with a set of values and principles that derive from the very nature of our Company, from the business environment in which we operate and from our corporate objectives.